Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bo Nhung Dam - Sliced Beef in Vinegar Broth

Bo Nhung Dam is Vietnamese fondue where you dip thinly sliced beef into a hot vinegary broth. The sliced beef is then rolled into a summer roll along with rice vermicelli and then a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You then dip the roll in prepare fish sauce or fermented anchovy sauce. Even though it is called bo nhung dam but you are able to add other proteins such as shrimp and squid. Not only is this dish delicious it's also very entertaining! This is not something you have to cook beforehand and then serve it at the dinner table. You are able to cook right at the table with your friends and family. Bo Nhung Dam is eaten at a slower pace so you can cook, roll, eat, and socialize in between.


sliced beef (doesn't need to be an expensive cut just something lean)
sliced squid
bean sprout
thinly sliced star fruit
rice vermicelli

Vinegar Broth:

There's actually two ways you can make the broth. Go easy when you add the vinegar because you do not want it to overwhelm the broth.

Vinegar and Coconut Juice

1 can of coconut juice
1 tablespoon of vinegar
1/2 yellow onion thinly sliced

Vinegar and Beer

1 can of beer
1 tablespoon of vinegar
1/2 yellow onion thinly sliced

Fermented Anchovy Sauce (Mam Nem):

1 cup of fermented anchovy sauce (they usually come prepare in a bottle)
1 cup of crush pineapple and its juice
1 fresh chili sliced

Cook all these ingredients together in a pot for about 5 minutes.

Bo Nhung Dam dinner :)

Sorry I do not have a picture of a roll probably because I eat them too fast :p


Kim said...

wow that looks so goood! i love bo nhung dam! thanks for posting this =)

Thuy said...

thank you for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

I love your many good food and easy-to-follow recipe. Love it..btw, could you please tell me where do you get the hot pot cooker? what is the brand, if you dont mind to share..Thank you

Thuy said...

I don't have the actual brand of the pot since we made this at my friend's place, but we actually used a fondue pot. But it's kind of similar to thisone...

Thanks for stopping by :)

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Anonymous said...

oh my god, can you do me a huge favor? could you please ask your friend for the brand of the pot? I am being looking for one, I love the unique trays come with the pot. Easy to access all the ingredients. Please !!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, it says Cuisinart on the side of the pot.

Unknown said...

hi can you tell me where to find that fondue set??? I really want to own one. Thank you

Jane Juarez said...

The serving bowls surrounding the fondue pot is a great idea! Where did you get those? I've been searching for them on-line but no luck. Thanks!

Thuy said...

I did a search on amazon for a similar fondue set and lazy susan serving bowls.

Jane Juarez said...

Thank you Thuy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks amazing, the presentation looks soo delicious, I can't wait to do this soon. Can you pretty please ask your friend where she got that lazy susan serving bowl set. I really want it for my party..Thanks

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