Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goi Cuon Thit Ba Roi - Vietnamese Summer Roll w/ Pork Belly

I'm sure many of you are already familiar with Goi Cuon so I won't write too much about it. Like I have said before I love just about anything roll in rice paper. This particular Summer Roll has thinly sliced pork belly, shrimp, vermicelli rice noodle, lettuce, cucumber, and Chinese chives. Most Vietnamese restaurant serve Summer Roll as an appetizer along with a hoison-peanut sauce, I always ask for nuoc mam cham (diluted fish sauce) instead. I'm one of those people that really appreciate a good batch of nuoc mam cham. I actually base restaurant on how well they prepare their nuoc mam cham. I really do see a correlation between how well restaurant cook their food and how well they prepare their fish sauce. Making the perfect fish sauce for dipping require a balance between sugar, lime, chili, water, and fish sauce, and if you can master that you definitely can balance the flavor in other food. I sure have a lot to say about nuoc mam cham therefore I will save that entry for another time.


pork belly
tiger shrimp
vermicelli rice noodle
rice paper
lettuceEnglish cucumber
Chinese chives
nuoc mam cham

1. Boil a portion of pork belly in water until it is fully cooked. Remove, let it cooled, and then slice thinly.
2. Boil the dry vermicelli rice noodle in water.
3. Cook shrimp the shrimp, in water or microwave, and then cut in half.
4. Wash the lettuce and chives and let it dry.
5. Thinly slice the cucumber into flat strips.

To Roll:

1. Have a bowl of hot water ready.
2. Reconstitute the rice paper in hot water and wait until it's flexible again.
3. Add the remaining ingredient be careful not to over stuff. Fold the two side toward the middle and then roll foward.

Serve with nuoc mam cham and enjoy!


Unknown said...

Yum...I love goi cuon. I can eat it every week. Glad I found your blog!

Thuy said...

I definitely can eat goi cuon everyday too...thanks for stopping by :)

Amy said...

if it wasn't for the lack of stomach space, i'd never stop eating goi cuon. my fave restaurant makes it with rolled up fried eggroll wrappers on the inside so you have that extra crunch. love it!!

Thuy said...

Never heard of that before, I'm very intrigue by the idea though. Thanks for the tip Amy I will have to try it like that one of these day.

tonster.dang said...

Hi Thuy, how long do you boil the pork belly for?

Thuy said...


It really depends on the the size of your pork belly. What I usually do is remove it from the boiling water and puncture the meat with my chopstick. The liquid that run out should be clear, if it's red or pink then you should cook it some more. Hope that helps :)

Unknown said...

do you have a recipe for nuoc cham (peanut sauce) ?

Thuy said...

I'm usually not a fan of peanut sauce with goi cuon so I don't make it very often. Here's a recipe you can play around with.

Warm up equal parts of hoisin sauce and peanut butter on the stove. Taste with some sugar, chili paste, and a little bit of vinegar. If you like it a little thicker dissolve some corn starch in water and add it to the sauce. Hope that helps :)

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